Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday night we carved pumkpins at Mutual. My son drew a face on his pumpkin and a Young Man helped him carve it. My daughter painted her mini pumpkins and my baby decided to climb on the kitchen table and drive his car across the top of his big brothers Jack-O-Lantern.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thats Nick on the far right. Betcha didn't know he was in a band. He's been in a few. This was back in 2003. Nick has been playing guitar since he was an early teen.

Thanks to Eric for this picture of Special Guest

The First One

Okay, this is my first post, which means no one will read it because no one knows yet that I have a blog. I started this because everyone told me its the thing to do. I am on Facebook a lot but I guess this is a better way of expressing myself and sharing cool stuff about my family. I still dont know how to change my background. I'm sure someone will pull me aside and tell me just how easy it is, after I spent hours trying to figure it out myself. So this is my Blog. I am Krystal. I am married to Nick and we have three wonderful children. Our house if very busy because we have three kids and theres always something to be done. We try our best to keep the house and family in line and running smoothly. We don't do much outside of the house. Regretfully my oldest isn't in any sports, my daughter doesn't take dance lessons, my baby doesn't go with me to Mommy and Me classes of any kind. Because of Nicks work schedule, Nick and I are always tired, and because of the economy, we can't afford to keep up with the Jones'. I enjoy scrapbooking and baking but because the house and kids are always in need of attention, I haven't done either in many many weeks (and then, it was just a sheetcake I baked for YW). I am always tired, and not like everyone else. Everyone complains they are always tired but I am. Its genetic. My mom has been dealing with extreme fatigue her whole life. My sister has to drag herself to do anything, and I will get so tired at times I will literally collapse. I like to complain when I know no one is listening so my next few blog entries will get increasingly happier. I haven't been on a date with my husband since.... since.... um... since..... Well, probably since my sister moved out of state. Sarah, come back! (she won't) Well this is my Blog, this is it, and this is my family. Enjoy.