Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aging Gracefully

Today is my birthday and yet another year has passed. One of the saddest things about getting older is that every year I look different and as each day passes not only do I get older, but I look older. Oh well, Im not the only one! ha HA! I skimmed over some pictures of me and here is me over the last few years. Me at 24 years old.
Me on my 25th birthday.
Me at 25 1/2
Just now, me at 26.
Like most women I hope to age gracefully. Now those of you who are older than me are probably baulking- "oh she's only 26 she's still so young, why would she worry about getting older or aging gracefully" and to you I offer this, you were once 26, too.
I hope when I am resurrected I look like the 24 year old picture! Thanks mom for giving birth to me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

martian russians

40 years ago today man walked on the moon. july 20, 1969. Though our technology since has grown exponentially we are still behind the Russians in the next space race to mars. I say let them have it. Yes technology is better and we know more about space, the cosmos, astrophysics, biology, etc etc etc what hasnt changed... human nature.

I say we should stay put until we can learn to play nice. Im in no hurry to get to Mars. I would however, enjoy a nice vacation home in Russia, since it will be pretty empty when they all leave to go to the red planet.
Then again.... a litte vacation from earth couldnt hurt.

But lets wait to go to Mars until we have the money, mr president.

4th of July (I know, a bit late)

This is how our 4th of July went. We went to Nick's aunts house. We went swimming. We showered. We watched fireworks. But that is not all. No that is not all. See the beautiful dog. So nice and sweet....
She did this to Isaiahs face. She snapped at him for no reason while he was laying on the floor watching a movie.

We were in Chandler so we watched the Tumbleweed Park display from a distance. Nick had our kids and his cousin's kids in the back of his uncles truck. It was HARD work keeping the kids contained but he survived. I was in a camping chair in the grass next to the truck.
And on July 7th Julian and I went to the eye doctor. I didnt need my eyes dilated this year but he did :) hehehe! He did get new glasses and with our insurance, the total cost for him to get the exam, new glasses and transition lenses was only $28!!
I made him wear the big shades for a few hours longer than they were required- you know- just to be on the safe side ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Emily is only the 2nd grandaughter born to my parents. Elias is the 4th grandson. Elias and Emily are the closest in age and already they enjoy being together. Emily slept great next to Elias. We would move her away and she would start whining. We moved her back to Elias' side and she would stop and go back to sleep.
Emily and Elias visiting Emily's dad at work.


Me and my babies!

Emily's Birth

This is how my trip to Utah went. On Saturday July 11 I took a 10am flight to Salt Lake City. I took Elias with me and straight from dropping me off at the airport Nick continued on with the other kids to Payson where they went camping with Nick's parents. Elias slept the WHOLE time on the flight. He was such a good baby. I sat next to a recently return missionary who served in Scotland and lives in Gilbert but was flying to SLC to be at his mission president's homecoming. And before boarding I had purchased myself a bottle of water and a blueberry muffin at Starbucks. As this recently returned missionary next to me on the flight talked about his family and mission I stuffed my face with crumbly blueberry goodness and between bites would answer his questions about my family and my ward (my ward is AWESOME! TOLLESON ROCKS!). Anyways, when I got in to Salt Lake I was met my two of my sisters (there are 6 girls in my family- so this picture is just 50% of the girls). Melissa is 15, Rebecca (the pregnant one) is 22 (I think). Rebecca was scheduled to be induced that next day, Sunday the 12th. I flew in to help her as her baby was over due and the mom and mother-in-law had already come and gone :(From the airport we went to Wendy's for lunch. Becca's husband Justin made it into this picture. Who would have thought that just a couple hours after that lunch Becca would be in the hospital in labor. She was scheduled to go in that day at 4pm and 10pm for the gel preparation to soften the cervix before the actual induction with pitocin was to begin the next day. When she went in for her 4pm appointment she was already at a 3 and her cervix was completely softened so they just decided to check her in and start her on pitocin. They broke her water. I was at Becca's house with Melissa so Becca sent Justin right back to pick us up. Melissa and I (and Elias) stayed with Becca and Justin through the labor. Becca's contractions were consistent and strong, every 2-3 minutes and very productive. When the pain picked up Melissa and I watched Becca get an epidural (Becca is in LOVE with whoever invented the epidural). Justin didnt watch, blood makes him queasy. In fact, he was as far from Becca as he could get, near the door, crouched on the floor the whole time until the epidural catheter was in place and Becca was repositioned for laboring. When they checked her again she was at a 4. The next time they checked her she was at a 10. Becca had originally told my mom and all of us sisters that she wanted no one in the room other than Justin when the baby was born but Melissa and I (and Elias) promised not to look south when the baby was born, and we kept our promise. She pushed with the nurse for an hour and when she was ready to deliver the doctor came in.
Becca's hour of pushing seems so long to me because just having had my 4th and second smallest baby recently, I pushed through just two or three contractions with the nurse and just two or three with the doctor to get Elias out. Her pushing didnt actually become productive until Melissa and Justin and I started cheering her on and telling her to keep going and that she was doing great and I helped the nurse give her instruction on how to push productively (the first time you have to push a baby out, its kinda confusing as to how). When the doctor got there the baby was born within 10 minutes.
Emily Rachel was born on 7/11 and 10:11pm weighing in at 8lbs 15oz and 19 inches long.

I stayed with Becca until the next Tuesday and offered any and every service I could think of that a new mom would need. I cleaned, cooked, shopped, showed her tips on how to nurse, postpartum care, how to use a breast pump, how to hold and care for baby, anything I could think of that no one told me when I had my first child. People have asked me what the experience was like having seen my sister give birth and I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my life, next to my wedding, going to the temple and giving birth to my own children. Though Becca is my little sister, I almost feel like her mom. I feel connected to her and Emily like I can only imagine grandmas feel. It is very strange. I find myself thinking about Becca and her well being numerous times a day and wondering how Emily and Justin are doing. I feel like I love my sister (and all my sibling) more than I did before this experience. I dont know why, maybe because we are all moving together into a new phase of life, maybe because I took on a motherly role through this experience, maybe because I have a greater appreciation for my mother now that I can more fully comprehend the role of motherhood and in response have a greater love for my family. I dont quite know, all I know is that this was one of the greatest weekends of my life and I have a greater love for all my family. Thank you Becca for letting me be there for you. Thank you mom for raising me and teaching me well. I love you!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was able to see my sister give birth today (well now yesterday since it is past midnight). I flew in to SLC on 7/11 and arrived at 1pm. Then we went to lunch at Wendy's. Then we went to my sister Rebeccas house. Not long after we got there she left to the hospital because she was scheduled to be induced tomorrow but today she was just to go in to get the prepping gel. Well, when they checked her she was at a 3 and ready to start labor so they went ahead and checked her in. They put her on pitocin and broke her water. After an hour of pushing baby Emily Rachel Pardee was born at 10:11 pm. She is very beautiful and healthy and mom and dad are doing well and very happy. I will post pictures soon, I just cant find Justin's card reader. For now, I need some sleep.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best trip to Ikea EVER

Before we went to the fundraiser at Wingstop we first took a trip to Ikea. It had beena while since we had been there so it was time.
This time we went was the first time ever that Carmen was able to go in the play place. She is EXACTLY and barely the height children must be to go inside so she was so excited. She was a little bummed though that the ball pit was closed but she had fun.

Isaiah and Elias were SO well behaved. I got a cinnamon bun and I halved it with Isaiah and he ate quietly the whole time. I was able to take my sweet time and look at whatever I wanted without as much as a single complaint! Even after he had finished his cinnamon bun he stayed very quiet and content. Mr Elias was asleep most the time and thanks to his pacifier, quiet while awake. When the kids' time in the play place was up we checked out and they convinced me to buy them hot dogs before we headed out to Wingstop... I can be such a pushover! haha

Cinnamon Bun anyone?
No really, if anyone ever wants to go to Ikea with a friend, I am avaiable (and two of my four get to go in the play place! SWEEEEEEEET!)

3 Day

Yesterday, July 1, the kids and I went to a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen 3 Day. My cousin will be walking and we went to Wingstop to support her by buying raffle tickets, Breast Cancer Support bracelets, and food (a percentage of proceeds went to her team). Her mother (my dad's sister) received grants from the Susan G Komen Foundation to cover the cost of her treatment when she got breast cancer.

Isaiah didn't like being enclosed in the small restaurant, he preferred running back and forth outside of Wingstop between the benches outside a Subway and a gelato place.

The kids with my cousin Rebeca.

To go to my cousin's 3-Day web page or to donate money online
click here