Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday and Saturday

I made carmen this dress. It actually used to be a tshirt. I didnt ever wear it because the sleeves were less than cap sleeves, just sleeveless. So I flipped it inside out, sewed where a Carmen would fit, flipped it right side out, stitched up the front V and sewed on a satin ribbon to tie in the back. All the money we spend on clothes for the girl and she wears old clothes... I think this shirt used to belong to Missy Windsor or my sister Sarah.

And I did Carmens hair in a cute updo.
And on Saturday night, after a day of relaxation and Peter Piper Pizza, we came home and before we were going to start a family movie, we heard the icecream truck. Nick grabbed some crumpled ones and ran out in his socks with the kids and they got thier treats. We later watched a movie and had a great family night.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mark's Birthday

Yesterday was my brother Marks 10th birthday. Guess what he did on his birthday? Nope, he didn't go to work with dad... and good thing too- that he spent his birthday going to school and coming straight home with mom and watching cartoons. This is what dad did on Mark's birthday:

This is what my dad wrote in his email to friends and family:

"These pictures were taken with a phone camera, sorry they are not very good. Car is a goner! I am blessed! Not a scratch.As I went around the bend North of the Lincoln Jct store, a car was stopped, waiting to make a left turn. As I stepped on my breaks the brakes locked up and I felt as though I was skidding on snow. I had three choices: continue and rear end the car in front of me, hit a tree or ditch it. I chose the latter. The ditch was so moist that when the car hit it, it slowed it down so fast that the inertia made the car flip over going "head over heals" and it landed on the roof. After I realized that there was no white lights and glass was all around me, I unbuckled my seat belt and proceeded to turn off the engine (it was still running) I heard people outside screaming, looking but trying not to look into the car since they thought I would be badly "damaged". I coul not open the front doors so I climbed out the back door. The driver of the other car was calling 911 but I told her to tell them I did not need help, and that I would call my own tow truck. They were amazed (as was I), that I walked away without a scratch. The airbags did not deploy and no headlights or anything in the front was damaged so speed was not an issue (I don't think, neither did the cop since he thought it was just an accident).A policeman showed up to write the report. At first he said I would have to file an accident report with DMV, he explained that a report had to be filed when there was an injury of more than $1,500.00 in damages. He looked at me and said, "No injuries!" and I said, "well, my car is not worth $1,500.00" so he said I did not have to do a report. Overall, I was very fortunate in that the only loss was my car and a towing bill."

And this is what I did on marks birthday:

For Mutual we made mini fruit arrangements!

And this is how Mark REALLY celebrated his birthday... last Saturday (good thing):

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Notebook

The night before last I was folding a mountain of laundry and was flipping through the TV channels looking for something to watch. I stumbled across a movie that caught my interest. I didn't know what it was at first but by the time I realized what it was, I was already hooked. I was watching "The Notebook." The biggest problem was............ it ended right as Nick walked in the door home from work! I was bawling like a baby! He saw me and I could tell his heart sank as he wondered what was wrong. I managed to blubber out "the movie.. it was the movie" but I was still just too embarrased to tell him any more. I turned away from him after he had managed to give me a little hug and I washed my face and turned up the corners of my mouth. That movie was so sweet/sad/lovely, etc. I had never seen it before because I heard it makes people cry and I don't like crying at movies. I didn't even cry when I saw Titanic. At least I watched it while pregnant and can blame it all on hormones... right? :D haha ...... SO EMBARRASED