Friday, August 6, 2010

Oregon Coast part 1

So when I came across this picture I realized that this is my old camera, the one that Nick and Carmen use... OOOOH that explains the zhu-zhu pet pictures... So these are a few pictures from our trip to the Oregon Coast. My grandpa loves me! I know this because one of the last trips we took to Oregon my grandpa vowed to get me some crab because he knows that I love crab. He tried to find time to take us out to the beach but we never had the time so he paid $17 and bought me a crab but the day we were to leave to go back home my grandma and grandpa came by my mom's but had forgotten to bring the crab and he was so upset at himself and sad that he hadn't delivered. When he found out we were coming this summer he planned with my mom a day to take us to the beach. With the help of my cousin Anthony and my Uncle Brian they took the boat out on the ocean and pulled up a crab pot and did some fishing. Once ashore they stopped by the park to clean the fish and boil the crab, where my grandpa made sure I had plenty of fresh crab to eat. I am so grateful to have a grandpa that loves me. When I was younger we didn't see our grandparents much, from either side of the family, so I dont know how to have a relationship with grandparents. My grandpa was always buddies with my cousins but we were the odd ones out living so far away from them. Food does bring people together. AND now my grandpa can actually hear me speak thanks to his new cochlear implant!
My dad, on his cell phone, in the ocean.

Hi Grandpa Babb! Glad you read my blog! I dont have any pictures of you and grandpa to post but maybe next trip to Oregon Ill make sure to get some for the blog!

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