Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Relaxing

This summer we did a whole lot of relaxing! We went to the movies every Monday for Summer Movie Fun and on top of that we saw "Despicable Me" two times and Nick took the kids to see it a third time in 3-D. After our movies we would take our movie ticket stubs next door to Yogurtland where they give us 3oz free per ticket so we never paid more than $4 for our family to eat frozen yogurt! Ive also spent the summer trying the best I can with four kids at home to work on developing my talents. I've been creating levels on Little Big Planet, which I love because it reminds me of my days designing web pages. I've also been doing some sewing. I made Julian some armor because that's what he wanted, he even picked out his own wolf print fabric. I made Carmen a dress using a pattern. My first experience with a pattern and I've decided that I hate patterns. It turned out so-so. Then I decided to make her an apron, from my own head, not from a pattern and it turned out TERRIFIC! I created it to look like a fancy dress. Carmen loves it, but not as much as I do! I should make me one next! This is not actually the finished product, the finished product is much better, I pulled the front middle seam tighter so that it doesnt droop, I just didnt want to have to stop blogging just to take a picture when I already have quite a few pictures to blog about :D

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